The Automatic Installation of Tunnel Kiln Cars Cleaning Device by suctioning Model ASPIRA-4 has been specially conceived to the cleaning by suctioning of the wastes produced during the manipulation of the fabricated product. Not only those deposited on the superior face of the refractory viaducts, but also those inserted under it.

It is remarkable that we reach this objective without raising the viaducts, with which, besides avoiding the doubtless costs derived from the deterioration produced by its manipulation in those installations that require raising them, we obtain important advantages in such relevant aspects as:

  • Smaller inversion
  • Shorter operation time
  • Less energy consumption
  • Minimum maintenance



The automatic cleaning system ASPIRA-2, is specially designed to clean tunnel kiln cars, always via suction on the top of the loading platform.



The Automatic Brick Cleaning System ASPIRA-B1, has been specially designed to vacuum clean the sand used for brick demoulding.

Other products


The machine is designed to vacuum clean the ceramic particles and debris that may remain in the cars after the parts have been removed from the kiln. It is equipped with a central structure that allows the separating filter and the fan to be moved transversally through the car for cleaning, which considerably reduces the space occupied by the machine.


The ASPIRA-1 is a manual cleaning machine for tunnel kiln cars.

The machine has been designed to remove from these cars, by means of suction, the particles and debris produced during the handling of manufactured ceramic products.

ASPIRA-1 (For glass bottles)

The ASPIRA-1/35/1250 is a manual vacuum cleaner, specially designed for cleaning bottles and glass waste in beverage bottling plants.

It has two independent suction inlets measuring 80 and 140mm in diameter and thanks to the incorporation of a frequency converter, both can be used independently or together.


The ASPIRA-SEC Industrial Vacuum Cleaner has been specially designed for vacuum cleaning debris, trimming burrs and combustion ashes accumulated along the tunnels of Anjou dryers.

High-speed dryer roller

High-speed dryer roller conveyor for a production of 20 TPH, designed for modules with a total length of 102 metres.

Drying cycle 55 minutes.

Special dryer for factories producing ceramic products such as Carrobrick and flat material.


They have a flood prevention system for garages, warehouses or underground floors, consisting of automatic flood gates and a pumping unit.

A new feature worth mentioning is that these gates can also be used as an anti-theft system.


They are installations for extracting dust via suction from different points or areas of a building (production area), guaranteeing at all times a minimum transport speed of the particles extracted to avoid accumulation in the ducts that connect the different collection points with the filter.

The suction air is returned to the interior of the building, as the filter is made of 100% polyester needle-punched filter bags thus leaving the air free of impurities.

Particulate matter can be removed from the filter by means of a screw conveyor or discharged into a container by means of a rotary valve.

The filter is equipped with an automatic bag cleaning system and electrical-electronic equipment for the control and monitoring of the filter.